Top 10 Places to Live in Houston


THE NEIGHBORHOOD OPTIONS IN HOUSTON—huge, sprawling, diverse Houston—are seemingly endless. Choosing which part of town suits you best is a challenge, equal parts exciting and overwhelming. Maybe you’d do anything to avoid a hefty commute to your office in the Galleria or Downtown. Maybe you’re all about the quality of your kid’s school. Maybe you want walkable access to your daily caffeine fix, or you want to know your neighbors intimately—or not at all.

herever your priorities lie, there’s probably a neighborhood in the area that’s perfect for you. This year, Houstonia narrowed down a list of 10 current favorites—in a sea of great possibilities. I’ll let you decide where you would like to put down your roots.

Average home price: $675,000—$2.35 million
Deciding factor: Family-oriented
Favorite neighborhood spots: Ciro’s Italian Grill, CityCentre’s shops and restaurants, the private lakes at Sandalwood

Garden Oaks/Oak Forest
Average home price: $250,000—$445,000
Deciding factor: The neighborhood Montessori school
Favorite neighborhood spots: Plonk! Wine Bar, Petrol Station, and Petrol’s Saturday Farm Stand

Sugar Land
Average home price: $216,000—$441,000
Deciding factor: Diversity
Favorite neighborhood spots: Sugar Land Town Square for shopping and events, Pappasito’s
East End
Average home price: $253,000
Deciding factor: Eclectic, open-minded neighbors
Favorite neighborhood spots: Villa Arcos, East End Farmers Market, Chocolate Wasted Ice Cream

Average home price: $933,000
Deciding factor: Peace and quiet
Favorite neighborhood spots: Union Kitchen, Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill, walk and bike paths

Average home price: $182,000-$335,000
Deciding factor: Family life
Favorite neighborhood spots: Local Table, El Tiempo

The Heights
Average home price: $445,000-$459,000
Deciding factor: A house with a yard, inside the loop
Favorite neighborhood spots: Eight Row Flint for margaritas (a favorite because they allow dogs), 19th Street for strolling and shopping, C&D’s Hardware, Buchanan’s Native Plant

Average home price: $615,000
Deciding factor: Urban vibe
Favorite neighborhood spots: Hugo’s, Common Bond, Blacksmith

The Woodlands
Average home price: $489,000-$756,000
Deciding factor: Seclusion and proximity to nature
Favorite neighborhood spots: Hughes Landing for restaurants, natural trails, Lake Woodlands

Average home price: $1.64 million
Deciding factor: Proximity to friends and amenities
Favorite neighborhood spots: Island Grill for smoothies, Adair Kitchen, Tanglewood Drive Promenade

For more information on all 147 of Houston’s neighborhoods, including demographic data, market data, transportation data and school rankings, head to Houstonia Neighborhoods by the Numbers chart for 2017.

Article Contribution by Roxanna Asgarian